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The mission of the Monticello Downtown Development Authority is dedicated to the revitalization of downtown, promoting local visitation, and serving as the thriving economic engine of Jasper County. The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is facilitated by a Board of Directors who act as catalysts for economic development in downtown Monticello. The Mayor and City Council appoint Board members. The Downtown Development Authority Board members serve in a leadership role on new improvement projects and programs within the DDA boundaries, and they raise money from the community for downtown events and revitalization efforts. The Downtown Development Authority Board meets on the second Monday of each month at 5:00 PM in the DDA Conference Room located at 139 W. Washington Street. The public is welcome at all meetings and is invited to come and hear about the exciting projects that the DDA is working on. The terms of the Board members are staggered. Two members of the Board of Directors serve two-year terms, two members serve four year terms, and three members serve three-year terms. The Board of Directors is served by an Executive Director who is hired by the Board and implements its decisions and acts as its spokesperson. The organization’s fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30th.  

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                                   Board of Directors 

                                                                                                          "OPENING THE DOOR TO OPPORTUNITY"

                                                                                          Local Business Owners Working Hard to Improve Our City

Chair Wendall Yoder

Owner of Yoder's General Store and Yode's Toy Store

Vice Chair Towonder Dennis

Owner of Towonder's Beauty Salon and Supply Store and Besley's Event Center. Director Dennis is passionate about bringing the community together.

Treasurer Daniel Jeffrices

Owner of Dee's Clockworks.  

Secretary Jennifer Stanley

Owner of Socially Artsy 

Nanette Manning

Owner of  Nana's House Child Development

Director Kenia Linwood

Owner of KNB Printing.  "I want t help to be a part of this positive change in this area as well as helping to promote other local businesses in our area."