Central Business District & Rural Opportunity Zone

Learn How the D.D.A. Can Help You Start a Business in Monticello

The Central Business District

The central business district includes the city square and extends one block in every direction.

 Downtown Development Revolving Loan Fund the Monticello Downtown Development Authority currently has four $20,000.00 revolving loans available to the downtown business district. 

Rural Opportunity Economic Zone

JOB TAX CREDIT: Must create two full time jobs. $2,000 credit per new full time equivalent job. Not to exceed $40,000 credit per year. Eligible businesses include professional service and retail. Credit can be taken for five years as long as jobs are maintained.
REHABILITATION TAX CREDIT: Equivalent to 30% of qualified rehabilitation costs not to exceed $30,000. Credit should be prorated equally in three installments over three taxable years. Must create a minimum of two full time equivalent jobs.
INVESTMENT TAX CREDIT: This credit is for purchasing property downtown within the Rural Revitalization Zone. Equivalent to 25% of the purchase price not to exceed $125,000. To claim this tax credit the investment property must be within the designated Rural Revitalization Zone and create two full time equivalent jobs. Credit can be claimed over 5 years.

Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines Developed in 2000 through a Certified Local Government grant, the Monticello Design Guidelines were created to assist decision makers — property owners, developers, contractors, and commission members — in developing design solutions which satisfy Monticello’s Historic Preservation Ordinance. The guidelines provide guidance for rehabilitation of both residential and commercial structures as well as direction for new construction and site changes.

Monticello Design Guidelines booklets are available free of charge from City Hall. Certificate of Appropriateness Residents and owners of property within the Monticello historic districts are required to obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) for any exterior changes to their property.

Download a copy of the COA here: Page 1 Page 2 

Façade Grants

Downtown Businesses...are you ready for a new you? Need a building make-over? Then it's time to participate in the Monticello  Façade Grant Program. The Downtown Development Authority would like to thank you for investing in downtown Monticello by offering a Facade Grant Program.  

Façade grants will be awarded to businesses that spend at least $1,000.00 on painting, signage, or awnings. Before façade grants can be awarded,  the business owner should submit before and after photographs and receipts. Façade grant award is $500.00 (one award per business per calendar year). For a request form, click here:  

R.U.R.A.L. Opportunity Zone

Where are the Tax Credits Available?

The R.U.R.A.L. Opportunity Zone

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