What We Do

What We Do…
The Downtown Development Authority of Monticello is dedicated to the revitalization of downtown, promoting local visitation, and serving as the thriving economic engine of Jasper County. The DDA strives to better downtown Monticello by creating an inviting and economically vibrant destination for all ages while maintaining its small town charm.

The Downtown Development Authority of Monticello has been charged by the State of Georgia to contribute to the general welfare of Monticello, Jasper County, and the State of Georgia by creating a favorable location in which trade, commerce, and industry can thrive. It is also given the power to finance projects that would lead to economic development and revitalization within its jurisdiction.

The Downtown Development Authority sees the Monticello central business district as the thriving economic engine in Jasper County. The whole of Jasper County is reliant upon the survival of downtown Monticello. As the county seat, it is the center of all cultural, economic, political, and social activities. The goals of the DDA are to improve the overall appearance of the city by beautifying the central business district, as well as improving the signage and walkability; to eliminate blight by implementing facade grants, and working with absentee landowners; to resolve traffic and parking issues by directing visitors to parking off of the square; promoting downtown businesses, and offering events that draw people into the central business district.   

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